Infant Care At Midlothian Kids Academy

At MKA Infants experience tremendous growth and development through our curriculum-based program, babies are made to feel safe, secure, and happy. This class gives warm, caring teachers an opportunity to bond and develop trust with little ones. Each child has a primary caregiver who will guide your child’s development and be your main point of contact.
In this classroom, children will enjoy:
  • Warm, nurturing classroom environments.
  • Stimulating activities with educational toys.
  • Exclusive milestone-based curriculum.
  • Immersive learning.

Toddler Care At Midlothian Kids Academy

These energetic little ones continue growth, development, and learning through curriculum-based programs, which channel their energy into positive learning moments by giving them ample room to move and explore.
Here, toddlers receive encouragement and guidance toward the growth of their physical skills and emerging milestones:
  • Stimulating classroom environments.
  • Exclusive milestone-based curriculum.
  • Immersive learning experiences.
  • Educational toys and activities.

Two’s Care At Midlothian Kids Academy

MKA offers our energetic 2-year-old the opportunity to join together each morning with their friends to start the day with music, movement and circle time. Our 2-year old’s see the entire world as their playground. We’ve put together a unique educational approach that focuses their enthusiasm into opportunities for development, growth, and achievement. Here, 2-year-olds enjoy:
  • Exclusive milestone-based curriculum.
  • Interactive, tactile learning experiences.
  • Stimulating material environments.

Pre-school Care At Midlothian Kids Academy

MKA kindergarten readiness programs help prepare our three-five-year-old for the next sets by fostering and developing social and academical skills. For our active learners, Preschool is a crucial stop on the journey toward elementary school and future academic success. Active, hands-on early childhood learning experiences guide children’s development in key school readiness skills. Our Preschool program is centered on:
  • Building independence.
  • Collaboration and communication skills.
  • Hands-on learning.
  • Literacy and number concepts.

Before And After School Care At Midlothian Kids Academy

MKA offers convenient hours When schools are closed for teacher work days, snow days, or for holidays, MKA to accommodate the school-age child who is looking to spend the day with friends doing things they enjoy. As a parent of an active school-ager you can be confident that your child is going to be safe and well supervised and also challenged, cared for, and connected to their friends.
MKA provides our school agers with breakfast, afterschool snack, and bus service to and from local schools in professionally outfitted buses that maximize safety. Our buses are driven by mature drivers who have clean driving records. We work with schools to provide a seamless transition from school to our program so that parents do not have to worry about their children while at work.

Each afternoon, students have an opportunity to complete homework assignments. Our teachers understand that opportunities for socialization, fun, and creative expression are crucial components of a quality youth development program and our staff create customized lesson plans each week to provide these critical experiences.

Schools MKA Services:

  • Alberta Smith Elementary
  • Grange Hall Elementary
  • Springrun Elementary
  • Woolridge Elementary
  • Winterpock Elementary
  • Crenshaw Elementary
  • Cloverhill Elementary – Chesterfield County school bus service
  • Moseley Elementary