Infant Care

Our infant care program provides a warm, caring environment with loving dedicated teachers experienced in caring for infants.  Your baby’s teachers will offer them nurturing child development experiences that invite exploration and support the important stages that are occurring in a child’s first year. They are also learning sign language along with our infant curriculum by Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum.

Our teachers are focused on keeping your baby happy, engaged and safe.  We personalize care for each infant based on his/her unique schedule, nutritional guidelines, and any other special needs he/she requires.

Safety of our infants is a top priority and we follow all the safety guidelines of Virginia Social Services and the National Institute of Health regarding SIDS, Sleeping positions, and tummy time.

Toddler Program

Our Toddler Program has great loving experienced dedicated teachers who have the training to help your toddler enjoy new learning experiences.  The teachers will promote their growing independence, self-confidence and social skills through the daily curriculum activities.  We use the Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum in this program.

Our teachers accommodate cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development with art, reading, music, sign language and active outdoor play.

Twos Program

Our Twos Program has experienced two year old teachers who are loving, engaged, and have energy to meet the daily needs of this program.  This room is organized into learning centers to engage the children through play and also build independence.

Our teachers communicate daily with parents to ensure we are working together on important milestones such as potty training and language development.  We use the Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum in this Classroom which guides your child’s natural curiosity into meaningful learning experiences.

Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program is for our Three and Four Year Olds.  They will be in separate rooms by age and the teachers are energetic, experienced and exciting for the children.

We want them to be excited about learning through investigation, exploration and discovery where they can expand their skills and knowledge.

Our Teachers make sure that the children have enriched activities through meaningful experiences.  These activities include using Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum along with the Smart board, Computers, Spanish lessons, Learning Centers and more experiences.

Pre-Kindergarten Program (Special 5 year old program for children who miss the Kindergarten start date)

We have a special teacher with a background in Early Childhood/Child Development teaching this class for those children that have missed the public school Kindergarten start date.  We know that it is often difficult when they can’t start school with their friends, so we are going to provide them a spot in our special classroom.

This classroom will be using Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum for Kindergarten (which will be available to us in the spring of 2017).  Until then we will use the Preschool Curriculum with the Teacher adding extra activities from the Virginia Kindergarten Standards of Learning.

These children will get to go on fieldtrips, use the media/library room, smart board, computers and learn Spanish.

Before and After School Age Program (Ages 5 to 12)

Junior (ages 5-8) and Senior (ages 9-12)

Our School age program will be separated into Junior and Senior groups and each will have their own Teacher.  They have a huge room in the center that is amazing and you have to see.  It has it’s own Smart Board and they have loads of activities in their room.  They will also have access to the Media/Library room to use the computers too.

In the morning the children will receive breakfast if they are dropped off before 7:30 a.m.  They will be transported to school by our van and drivers who have clean driving records.

We will then pick the children up from school and transport them back to the center where they will receive an afternoon snack.  They will also receive time to do homework and afternoon activities at the center before parent pick up.

When the schools are closed for teacher work days, snow days or for the holidays, we will expand our School Age program hours to accommodate  for this.

During Fall break, Winter Break and Spring Break we will plan special activities all week for the children.  They will be going on field trips and we will also have special visitors come to the center for them too.

This is an exciting program that we would love for you to see.